Visual Dictionary - Learn 33 Languages

Visual Dictionary - Learn 33 Languages

By Innovative Language Learning USA LLC

Score: 3.5
From 21 Ratings


Language learning comes alive with Visual Dictionary - Learn 33 Languages presented by! Test drive the Visual Dictionary app with full access to the Earth scenario and learn over 104 practical vocabulary words in 33 languages with this powerful iPhone and iPad app. Test drive this app today to learn vocabulary the fun, fast and easy way! Languages Available to Try and Buy In-App: ·American English ·British English ·Bulgarian ·Cantonese ·Chinese ·Croatian ·Danish ·Dutch ·Filipino ·French ·German ·Greek ·Hebrew ·Hindi ·Hungarian ·Indonesian ·Italian ·Japanese ·Mongolian ·Nepali ·Korean ·Polish ·Brazilian Portuguese ·Romanian ·Russian ·Spanish ·Mexican Spanish ·Peruvian Spanish ·Swahili ·Thai ·Turkish ·Ukrainian ·Vietnamese Learning foreign language vocabulary is essential for daily conversation and proficiency. The more words you know, the more you'll be able to say. That's a fact. But it's not just how many words you know that matters. It's what kind of words you know that will transform you from a nervous beginner to confident seasoned speaker! With Visual Dictionary, you'll learn words that appear in common daily life scenarios in a logical way. As you explore scenarios, you'll discover other closely associated words and sample phrases along the way, helping you to memorize vocabulary quickly and easily. That's the power of the Visual Dictionary app! Download Visual Dictionary today to get full access to the Earth, City and Supermarket scenarios. Access more scenarios with an easy in-app upgrade. With Visual Dictionary you will: - Explore the Earth, City and Supermarket scenarios in 33 languages free! - Unlock 23 more scenarios, 550+ words, and 1000+ sample sentences per language with native audio with in-app purchases. - Master pitch perfect pronunciation with native speakers for every language and dialect. - Build strong bonds to new words with the rich visual illustrations. - See and hear practical sample sentences related to scenarios and words. - Save words in your personal Word Bank for convenient study. You have a separate Word Bank for each language, so no getting words mixed up. - Choose from 33 different languages and dialects - Turn Audio Autoplay on/off *Please note that you will need to be connected to the internet to initially download languages. Once you've downloaded a language, you can use it offline. Upgrade to Visual Dictionary Pro - Learn 33 Languages: Perfect for travelers and language lovers alike, the interactive Visual Dictionary Pro app will walk you through 26 everyday scenarios like stores, homes, classrooms, airports, hospitals, subway stations and more when you upgrade to full! Along the way, you'll learn 550+ must-know vocabulary words and 1000+ phrases while exploring brilliant illustrations with intuitive touch controls. Each word comes with native audio clips so that you're learning the pitch-perfect pronunciation. In addition to the features mentioned above, when you upgrade to the Visual Dictionary Pro- Learn 33 Languages full upgrade, you will be able to: - Look up specific words under Search. - Browse all the words with the Category List. - Tap and zoom through every available scenario bringing language learning to life. You'll have more fun than you ever imagined with a language dictionary. Download Visual Dictionary to start building your vocabulary today!



  • Waste of money

    By Gunny Sarge Harry
    They charge you $9.99 for a paucity words. I couldn't believe how you could go through the whole app in few minutes. Compared to my visual Barron's book this purchase was a total ripoff!
  • Visual Dictionary

    By 7LightWaves
    This is one of the most amazing app's for really 'seeing' what is inside a variety of buildings in a small city layout. Sweet! The only reason it doesn't get a 5 star is because updates are few and far between. There are also some places that don't have anything inside as indicated in the pictures. All in all though, you'll enjoy this app and anyone you show it to. If the designers can complete what they started out to do, this could be a 6 Star app!
  • Love it

    By Sapphire1810
    Useful i have enjoyed alot
  • User

    By M1975B
    Low speed in dictionaries download. --- This app is more expensive than other dictionaries.
  • Very good

    By Xxaz
    To the point and clear.
  • Straightforward, useful and easy

    By Mosso83
    I'm learning Japanese. I love the fact that I can browse by category OR map. The map function has been great. I love how you can go from the overview map to a small section. It helps me categorize related vocab in my mind. Also, the fact that I get to see the Kanji and hiragana/katakana while listening to the audio of the word, helps me even more. So far, I have no complaints.
  • Just like a pro

    By Vicious bastage
    I can now speak Russian in the US
  • Good idea, but...

    By almare2
    Good idea, but it really needs the gender specified or the article adjective included. And IL teaches Norwegian & Swedish, where are they? I'm a lifetime member of IL & will buy the full version of this app if these two things are fixed.
  • Was interested but..

    By Aria-chan09
    It took so long to download and kept interrupting me in other apps to tell me it was downloading and I needed to visit it…. I decided it wasn't worth the bother. I have other ways of learning that don't waste my time.
  • So cool but...

    By Błyskawica
    For ten bucks this is innovative and worth it. Since there are so many objects it would be cool to help develop some new words. Worth it!